Styling For Special Occasions

Prices are £100 per hour.

Have you ever seen a celebrity and thought; “She looks amazing, but I bet a stylist helped her look like that.”

Imagine how good you could look with the same help from a professional stylist. Imagine no more, because we can help you achieve just that.

When she’s not helping her personal styling clients, Angela Barnard is dressing those very celebrities. If you’re looking for a professionally styled look, you can’t get more authentic than hiring Angela. Angela has been styling celebrities for over 15 years for magazine shoots, advertising campaigns, TV shows and special events and film premieres. She’s your go-to girl for styling help for those extra special days in your life.

If you need an evening dress or just something that little bit special for any upcoming special occasion, call on Angela’s experience and she’ll make sure you’re turning all the right heads when you walk in the room. Call us and you’ll be on your way to

  • Finding an outfit that works perfectly for you
  • Discovering about the ideal accessories that will really compliment your look
  • Learning about the best hair and make up for your look
  • Getting noticed for all the right reasons

Angela has long established connections with high street stores to the most exclusive of boutiques giving you more options that you can ever dream of, and at a cost you’re comfortable with.

Take advantage of years of styling expertise and let Angela find you the perfect look for any occasion.
She’s been doing it for celebrities for years, so why not give it a go?

Give us a call today for a free consultation on 07973 839730 or email us